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73 reviews
  • Sarah·

    Deborah hit the nail on the head and confirmed all the things I had been thinking/feeling. I needed to know that my instincts were correct and she gave me that.

  • Alison·

    Wonderful 20 minute phone reading with Deborah! Her answers were affirming and very clear in which business sector to explore and the timing of when. I appreciated her friendly manner, and I left the session excited about my future. My career direction has already gained some clarity and expansion from our phone session. I highly recommend that you gift yourself this window of time with Deborah!

  • Veronica·

    Had a great session with Deborah. As someone who can be rather undecisive, I love what come to Deborah, as it helps me get clarity on the direction I am going and steps I should be taking. This will help me stay focused and on target. Thank you!

  • Yvonne·

    My session with Deborah was wonderful. She listened deeply, tuned-in with me and helped me assess the different career options I brought to our session. Deborah was self-assured, empathetic, sharp and very clear in her communication. I left feeling crystal clear in what direction to take and what my next steps are. I feel so relieved and joyful as the direction she pointed out for me, was in a sense, already known in my heart. I will see her again to continue "tweaking" what I already discovered in my first session. I highly recommend her services.

  • Mary L·

    Deborah was so helpful and insightful. She helped me sort some things out. She is a great listener and such a pleasure to work with.

  • Meredith·

    I had an excellent reading with Deborah. Being psychic myself I'm extremely picky about who I let read me. But all systems were "go" with Deborah. She gave me great information in regards to next steps to take in my business to allow it to grow and also things to remove from my business that would hinder its growth. Overall, I'd highly recommend Deborah!

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